19 5 / 2012

Maybe its just me but do you think that maybe there’s an intervention on the season finale of GG?

Yes, perhaps that I am still in denial but I can’t believe 5x24 totally took the wrong turn from 5x23. And what about Dair suddenly being shot down without any explanation?

Safran may not be the best writer all around but we do have to applaud him for creating Dair. It was beautiful. He create the possibilities of Dair since 1x04 much earlier than Chair. Then the popularity of Chair push Dair into the backseat until season 3.

Safran have crafted Dair earlier but decides its time since season 3. They drop few small possibilities but decided to become more transparent in season 3. Chair went steady in the earlier of season 3 until Safran detonates the first destruction of Chair, the IP incident in 3x17. Then he snoop in the idea of 'pure,simple love,right love' and introduce the first hint of Dair in 3x18.

"Who else could love me after what I’ve become?" looking at Dan

“I think you deserve to be with someone who make you happy”

"Because when we open our heart, we can explore a world of love and be pleasantly suprised by the people already in our life"

Not enough with the IP, they create the second destruction when Chuck sleep with Jenny and again insert Dair second hint.

"Say life is giving you signs. You ignore them because you’re afraid the thing they’re signaling you to do. But then you think, what if these sign are here for a reason and ignoring them makes me a coward"

And how can I forget that epic moment when Chuck was about to proposed and then came Dan Humphrey out of everyone punching Chuck thus stopping his proposal?

Cue season 4, Chair and Derena decided to take a break from each other with Chuck found love with Raina and Serena found love with Ben and Dan and Blair alone, heartbroken trying to get over their ex found a new love when these lonely moments actually brought them together since 4x11 (remember Safran quote "They found each other"). I will not list down all the hints since they are too many but I’ll list the big one in 4x17

"The question of whether we can fight fate will always remain a mystery, but the bigger question is what happens when we stop fighting it?

Loud and clear, fight fate will always be Chair,  fate belongs to Dair. It was so obvious. Remember the countless of times Chair trying to be together but fail miserably by a lot of things? Writers totally hinting the result of Chair fighting fate.

Then Safran decided to have Dair take the backseat again for a reason (big build up in Season 5). I think he decided to have Dair in season 5 only because they have 5 episodes left and its not enough to create a more depth for Dair. Seriously if he wants Dair as a prop for Chair, he can do it, by making Dair a short fling and end it on the season 4 finale, but he did not.

So yes, back to Chair, only to be destroyed again in 4x20. First he humiliated her in front of the royal party, then came the big controversial scene. Chuck, out of anger, push Blair, hit the glass on top of her thus cut her face with ‘a beautiful scar/injury’

"Once upon a time in the land of upper east, a beautiful girl fled from a beast"

Even Nate was scared and decided to move out, immediately, haha…

Not enough with that, they make Chuck not guilty with his behavior and throw destruction again, this time for Blair, when she decided to cheat on her fiance with Chuck.

Came season 5, with long never ending royal snooze storyline. People were speculating Louis was a prop to Chair but it was actually for Dair. It was boring but yes they crafted Dan as the perfect guy for Blair to love, helping her, supporting her behind the scenes, even trolling Chair fans when Dan brought Chair together, only to have Dair in the end. Major trolling from Safran. And yes, certainly not enough with throwing major destruction for Chair, they decided to throw a big one, when fate is certainly not shipping Chair, when both of them trying to run away only to face a big accident, fate stops them.

"But at the end of the day, our fate is decided for us" 5x10, again fate

Then Safran release a statement saying that the story will change in 5x13 and again in 5x17, so what happen in those episodes¬† ——> yes its Dair

"So beginning today, the past is just a prologue, it all starts from here" more like Safran way of saying 'Dair starts from here'

"And when I return, I bet it’ll be a whole new world"

Then we have Serena said “You two are gonna face a lot of obstacles” (which they did and fight all of it together) but I’m not gonna be one of them.

Then beginning 5x18, we have obstacle, some are dialogues are taken by people who never believe Dair only to be taken down with Dair still being together at the end of the day.

So, what went wrong? Safran said Chuck is not the problem for Dair but more of Dan insecurities of Blair not saying I love you back and they build it like Blair will saying it back only to be destroyed by the biggest bomb for Dair.

What actually happen? There’s not even a single hint. Chuck was busy with family issues, no time for love, Blair was being the perfect girlfriend assures her boyfriend all the way but remain platonic with her ex, Dan being insecure but still deeply in love with his girlfriend and not care about others except Blair and Serena being the sweetest friend ever supporting her best friend and her ex all the way.

What happen? In my opinion, life gets in the way. Judging from his iview, producer preview, twitter, Safran is passionate in his work and maybe have a big plans for Dair in the future but also realise that yes, life moves on so he found a new show and decided to leave GG for Smash. Hard but yes its time to move on.

Logically, someone have to step up and replace Safran and it seems like Savage is taking his place now, whether she wants it or not.

Two different people, two different views, different things that they believe in. Safran may believe in Dair, but Savage might be the Chuck/ Chair fanatic. So maybe that’s why the finale feels like its being taken out from Chair fan fiction.

Blair is actually Claire in Dan’s head (Chair fans reasoning)

Dan and Serena suddenly have sex.

Romantic grand gesture from the Bass (What Chair love)

Blair always happy with Chuck.

Chuck reject Blair (I remember Chair fans always want Chuck to reject Blair when she crawl back to him)

Blair fight for Chuck (Again Chair fans hopeful comments)

So is it coincidence that all Chair fans hopeful comments came true in one episode? Not only that current EP decided to RESET all the character except Chuck.

1) Serena

Then - Have a career, stop jumping from guest star to guest star, help her family, run gossip girl, support her best friend and her ex

To - pre-season 1 GG where she destroy her friendship by cheating to take drug while randomly hooking with a guest star on the train

2) Blair

Then - Have a supportive boyfriend, wants to become a powerful woman, growing into a more stronger character

To - running back to the ONLY person that make her weak again

3) Dan

Then- Become a supportive boyfriend, less judgmental, helping Blair through thick and thins

To - Cheated on Blair right after he thought Blair choose Chuck

And who’s coming strong this episode?

"The reason this company exist because I saved it"

"All I have done is work to protect your legacy"

"Willing to throw everything away for a girl who did nothing but toy with you"

"I help you out of hiding, I took down your enemy, I build this empire"

"The only reason Waldorf Design have a future because I gave up mine for it"

"My father was right, I always put you first and you bet against me all the time"

Its not making sense for us Dair, but yes Chuck come off as the hero in this episode.

Remember when the news when Safran going to leave and Dair fans scared that a Chair writer is going to take over. Guess what, the nightmare is here. Earlier than expected. And it looks like 5x24 is the first bomb, there’s more coming right up.

Judging from season 6 spoiler, looks like they will write Dan as the villain, Blair as the victim, Serena as the damsel in distress and Chuck as the hero.

Its time to UNDO every destruction for Chair.

Conclusion, the writing for the finale is not stupid nor the writers were drunk. Its just a BITTER writing.

Note: Looks like every people are quiet except current EP. This is life. She is the showrunner now. She will write everything that she BELIEVES in. Too bad for us Dair fans.

p/s I still remember the last act, It feels like the love of my life is leaving me forever without any reason. And with the ‘We Are Young’ song, seriously I was planning to vid a Dair video with that song, and it ruins everything. I’m still bitter, but I feel like I can accept it now. Safran tries his best and in my head, Dair is endgame. How can I ignore all the hints Safran created with just one Chair finale. Dair is not a prop for anyone, it is the story Safran wants to tell us, the one he believes in, the one who we love.

The bigger question now, will I watch season 6?

Maybe, I still love Dan and Blair individually. And who knows, magical things will happen. Last year, we never thought Dair will happen. People keep calling us names, and guess what, they heard our prayers, Dair happen. Altough I’m 99% sure the current EP direction for season 6, I’ll just stop by to see if there’s still 1% hope.

To all dairlings, Don’t be sad because its over, Happy because it happen.

I will always stay in the Dair ship, I regret nothing.